Authentic Food Place in Aberdeen

Indian and Nepali cuisines are the best known for their varieties and spices giving a rich flavour. These elevate our food to a new level. Moreover, there is a good amount of creativity involved in making.

At The Everest Aberdeen, we try to create authentic Nepali and Indian cuisines that reflects delightful eating experience. You can order from our huge list of food menu having equal balance of flavour and creativity.

Authentic Food Place in Aberdeen

Each of our Indian and Nepali cuisine is prepared with extra love and sincerity to give you the best dining experience in Aberdeen. Being one of the best restaurants in Aberdeen, we are not only known for hospitality but also classy ambience having the mixture of Nepali and Indian look.

Inviting appetizer is like a cherry on the top, and we love you that you will come back again or order food. We have designed our restaurant to give you cosy eating experience, added with pleasant and soft music. The courteous staff at The Everest Aberdeen will help you to decide the menu and serve you on time without making you wait.

We take pride to offer the best dinning and takeaway service in Aberdeen, UK.